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Biel is an AI chatbot designed to enhance the efficiency and accessibility of your technical documentation.


Ask AI chatbot for your docs

Integrate Biel to deliver on-demand answers, reduce support overhead, and enhance content accessibility.

Automated indexing

Keep your content continually updated with our automated system that indexes both private and public sites efficiently.

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+12 integrations

Connect Biel with documentation tools like Docusaurus, Wordpress, and Confluence.

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Customizable chatbots

Adjust the chatbot’s responses, tone, and behavior to match the specific needs of your audience and documentation style.

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Detailed analytics

Monitor how your chatbot is performing. Get insights into the most frequently asked questions, user satisfaction, and the overall impact of the chatbot on your documentation site.

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Flexible deployment options

Host the chatbot on your infrastructure for full control or use our secure, managed hosting service.

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How Biel transforms your documentation

Discover how Biel streamlines support and enhances information access.

Integrate in minutes, not days

You don't need to be a dev to integrate Biel. Link the chatbot to any button or use our floating component with our integrations.

Our chatbot integrates seamlessly with most major documentation platforms including Docusaurus, Confluence, and Wordpress. If you use another platform, contact us.

The chatbot uses advanced Retriever-Augmented Generation (RAG) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to process queries. This allows it to understand context and provide accurate, relevant answers based on your documentation.

Absolutely. The chatbot can be customized in terms of response style, depth of information, and even the user interface to align with your brand and meet your specific technical requirements.

Not at all. Integration involves three simple steps: setting up the chatbot to crawl your documentation, training it on your specific content, and embedding the chatbot widget on your site. We provide detailed guidance and support throughout the process.

Security is paramount. Our chatbot ensures that all data, whether hosted on your infrastructure or ours, is encrypted both in transit and at rest. We adhere to the highest compliance standards to manage and protect sensitive information.

Our analytics dashboard offers insights into query frequency, user satisfaction, and chatbot response accuracy. This data helps you understand user needs and improve both the chatbot and your documentation over time.

Biel is set to release in 2024. Stay tuned for updates on our release schedule and join the waitlist to be among the first to know.


Join the waitlist

Experience the future of technical documentation. Biel is currently in development and set to launch in 2024. Be among the first to try its capabilities.

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